The Power of Nattokinase

Nattokinase, an enzyme, is extracted from natto. Natto is not a food that you would rush to your favorite restaurant and order because it is definitely an acquired taste. It is fermented soybeans that are quite sticky and have a pungent smell. According to tradition, Natto has been a major food in the Japanese diet for over a thousand years and it is considered a daily food staple. In Japan, it is sold in stores in packages. The Japanese populace generally serve it over rice. So why would anyone want to eat such a disgusting food? Many Japanese like it and believe that it is a source of protein with health benefits that include being effective in the prevention of heart attacks. It has proven to reduce blood clots because it acts as a blood thinner.

Fortunately for us, we can enjoy the benefits of Nattokinase because it is available in pill form. Go to for more information about purchasing Nattokinase to enjoy its health benefits. Check with your health care provider to make sure that Nattokinase will prove beneficial to your health. More and more people are turning to natural supplements to improve their health.